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The quality of HopeCrop depends, almost entirely, on how the product of coffee itself is taken care of. This means looking after the product for its entire life span - the soil it is farmed in, the method in which it's harvested, how it's processed and bought, the attention to detail in roasting, and how we drink it and what we do with the packaging it came in. These are all interconnected and affect one another at every step.

Though it has gained healthier attention over the years, the coffee industry is still one geared towards consumption; HopeCrop strives to instead be mindful of where the product comes from, how the people who grow it are affected, and how we are responsible with the waste produced.

Our Biotrē™ bags are 60% recyclable (just remove the valve and tin tie) and our shippers are made of 90% post consumer materials, printed with water based inks and are 100% recyclable, bio degradable, and compostable. The shipping label is constructed from 100% post-consumer content paper and feature a release liner that is 100% recycled AND curbside recyclable.


HopeCrop is the result of Seeds Coffee Company’s desire to take specialty coffee one step further. For years we have fought to find elite coffees from around the world and pay a price that not only reflects the quality of the product, but the vitality the product itself is to the farmer and his/her community. Traveling to strengthen and develop lifelong relationships with the growers has taught us a difficult, but important lesson: buying quality does not always equal a better life for the farmer and their community. A business - even at its most honorable level - cannot solve all the issues of a hurting community. For the coffee industry, there is no silver bullet. Restoring fair wages and healthy work environments is only the beginning of working toward healthier structures for those whom we’ve come to love in these communities.

HopeCrop has no savior ego. We are hopeful for the coffee industry and humbly want to create more direct streams of revenue to give back to the farmers that we are partnered with. This simply means that half of what HopeCrop brings in immediately goes towards sustaining farmers and strengthening the different networks that Seeds is partnered with across the world. Coffee is in trouble and we plan to be a part of creating working solutions for coffee, the environment and all who are touched by this product.

Join us.



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 You will see this icon on our shipping package to mark our commitment. We’re committed to giving directly to our farmers, we’re committed to giving to causes in communities affected by the coffee market, and we’re committed to sustainability.